Suburban Scenes by Mike Savad
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You'll need these Actions & Brushes as They are mentioned often

Advanced HDR Tutorials
Painterly Style HDR Techniques

My Philosophy
This used to be on the index, but it fits here better. It goes into why I do HDR the way I do.

12/26/2008 Squidoo - Advanced HDR Techniques
This was my first official tutorial, it has a much earlier version then what I have here. There are two movies, while silent, they show the basic steps that I still use today.

2/11/2010 People Moving
I ain't afraid of no ghost! How to remove the HDR ghosts or just deal with them.


Still Life
Using indoor photos in low light.


Using a Single file
It's not really an HDR if it's one single file. However if you have the range you can use it as a single. It saves on space in your camera and drive. It's not always necessary to use 3 individual photos.


Items that move
This is a night photo of people moving around including a boat (taken in Vegas).

9/12/2010  Creating an HDR with 5 Images
The Advantages and Disadvantages of using 5 frames for an Indoor location. And a way to remove localized noise.


Single Image, Filling dark colors
How to paint in new color on dark colored glass bottles of medicine.


Indoor HDR
How to deal with mixed lighting, and how to extract details from a dark object.

What you'll need
Listed below are the different methods I use when I create one of my art works. I use different methods for each kind of image. More so I constantly change my methods, so what you read here will change from time to time. I use my own techniques and don't rely on outside programs beyond a photo editor. These tutorials are ADVANCED, I don't cover anything basic here. There are many guides online that cover the basics. I assume in these tutorials you have a basic of Photoshop.

Things you'll need:

  • Tablet - I use a Wacom Intous 3 - it's 6x8. A mouse can be used, but it's very hard to be as precise, and there is no way to get the pressure needed to make the brushes work properly.
  • Photoshop CS3 or higher - While you can use any version - it needs the ability align your shots. I hand hold all of my images, and this alignment tool is important. 
  • Photomatix - Or a related  contrast based enhancer. I don't use it much, but it can be handy especially when you want the detail. And since you can use it just as a detail layer, you could probably get away with the free version, just as long as you don't paint in the words it outputs.
  • A fast computer - I create many layers. I have a big camera, each file is 25megs min. and it can be a huge file while processing them. I had to upgrade. 
  • A camera that can give you (preferably RAW images), bracketing of at least -2 - 0 - +2.
  • If you hand hold like I do - far more flexible that way, you'll want a stable lens. I use a Tamron 28-300 VC lens - works great. 
  • The camera should also have high iso ability that is clean to use. 
  • And these Brushes and Actions

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