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Camera Reviews & News
DpReview He has a extensive review of every camera he reviews, complete with pictures, comparisons, and examples.
Steve's Digicams His reviews aren't as complete as others, but when he shoots his review pictures he shoots the same objects for a better comparison. He also has more things reviewed other than cameras.
Imaging Resource The reviews aren't the most complete, but he always has many comparison shots. This site also offers the ability to compare cameras and examples.
Photozone A lot of information regarding cameras, but more so on lenses.
Gizmodo All sorts of news that is camera based.

Photographers Legal Rights
US Patent Office In case you need to patent something
Photos of trademarked and copyrighted works If you've ever wondered if it was ok to take or sell photographs of public places or even some private ones. This lawyer has his own views of the subject, there's a lot of useful information on this site.
Business and Legal FAQ A site with a questions and answers setup. Another lawyer specializing in the legal rights of photography and so forth.

HDR Tutorials
HDR Tutorial lins A small list of links
Waterloo fall workflow He shows us how he creates HDR with moving water.
10 Tutorials how to create stunning HDR images Different guides from different people
19 Tutorials for Creating Beautiful HDR Imagery Many different methods to choose from.
Daily Pete How to create an HDR image using Photomatix.
HDR with Photoshop CS2 Explains when and how to use HDR.
How to make HDR images A very simple guide in what you need to make an HDR image.
HDR Landscape Photography A fairly complete guide to natural looking HDR.
Stuck in Customs Everything you need to know about HDR Photography, as the title states. They have some nice pictures there as well.
HDR Japan While not the best examples of HDR I've seen, they are all of Japan which is pretty.
Second Picture HDR Tutorial - A general overview.

Dentist - In the dentist's office - poster - gift - Mike Savad Dental gift - The dentist's desk - poster - Mike Savad Architect - The drafting table - poster - Mike Savad Draftsman - The Drafting Room - Poster - Mike Savad Optometrist - Gift - Night Stand - print - Mike Savad Dry Cleaner - The Laundry Room - Poster - Mike Savad

HDR Forums
Strictly HDR They allow you a private gallery along with the forum.
Multiply Long discussions from people who post their HDR photos.
Flickr HDR Pool - Lot's of pictures
PhotoForum Both HDR and IR (Infrared) Photography discussions.
RetouchPro HDRi and Tone Mapping.

HDR Software
WebHDR Shareware and Freeware programs to help you on your HDR adventures.
FDR Tools Full Dynamic Range Tools - Software.
Photomatix I can't say it's the best program to use, as there are so many now. But it's the one I use when I want fine detail.

Nice HDR Examples
The Best of Ben Quite a few well done examples of HDR.
HDR Japan Images of Japan.

High Speed - Photography
High Speed Photography A rather intense look into this field using a lot of mind numbing math and bulbs to use.
HiViz High Speed Visual Imaging - Kits, tools, and projects. You can make some of your own equipment too.
Stroboscopic A rather brief intro using a Canon flash set to strobe, and what settings he uses.
The Lightning Trigger Do you have storms during the day? This device connects to the flash shoe. When it see's lightning it will trigger the camera. You'll have a better chance getting one with this.
The Time Machine Have you ever wanted to photograph a popping balloon? Droplets of water? Time lapse, or odd animals? This device will allow that using a combination of a control box and triggers using sound, touch, etc.
Capability of flash units for high speed photography Showing you that you can capture a droplet with a basic flash and much time.
High Speed Sync for Flash at an shutter speed Using the flash in outdoor photography to capture nice animal shots.

Flamingo - A set of Flamingos - gift - Mike Savad Racing Pigs - Getting past Hurdles - Mike Savad Fish - Kingyo - Mike Savad Cat - Push me - Cat lover - Gift - Mike Savad Bee - Dare to BEE different - Mike Savad Flower - Daffodils in a burlap vase - Mike Savad

Long Exposures
Dan Heller - Long Exposures It's a really long article about something I never really though much of.

Eclipses or the Sun
Observing Solar Eclipses Safely Things to be aware of when you pointing your expensive camera at the sun.
The Sun Tips and tricks to shoot the sun.

Wedding Photography Tips
Wedding Basics Articles you should probably read if you want to be a wedding photographer.

Black and White Photography
Making fine prints in your digital darkroom Everything you need to know to tone your pictures.
Top ten photo website Jan 2001 Ok that's a pretty old site, but pictures never die. Links do though.

Infrared Photography - (IR)
Using IR to see under paintings Using a combination of either IR or UV light, they show us what artists did in the first draft of a painting by looking at it's under painting.
How to shoot in IR Basic lessons and tests to see if your camera is capable.
Photo Tidbits Using a digital camera to shoot in IR.
Invisible Light book list Recommend books about IR Photography.
Invisible Light Thermal Imaging in Far Infrared.
Seeing IR and UV How to make your own filters, though you need a floppy disc to make it, you might need to raid the Smithsonian.
WJ's Photo Homepage Just about every link about IR photography.
Night Vision Accessories IR lenses and lights
Crime scene and Evidence Photography Using a number of methods to capture what cannot be seen.
Color Infrared Photography Fine examples using IR Film. This is way different than Digital.
Fine art IR Photos More interesting examples.
IR Photography Examples Examples of landscapes.
Jay - IR shots Examples of IR with a digital camera.
Pbase IR More examples of what you can get.
Rideau Photo Gallery He really likes it I guess.
People in Infrared You wouldn't think anyone could hold still long enough to stay in focus - but this page shows what a person would look like in IR - kind of smooth looking.

Ultra Violet Photography - (UV)
Ultra Violet Detection in gems Diamonds and such have certain colors under UV light.
Detecting Fraud in Rugs Using UV light to detect counterfeit rugs. They show examples of how they lit the scene.
Fluorescent Mineral Society A large list of links dedicated to UV based minerals.
Mineralogy Database Even more minerals the glow.
The Fluorescent Mineral Society A lengthy page about glowing minerals.
Forensics Tutorial Filters and equipment used for UV.
Ultraviolet and UV lamps An article of different types of lamps you can use and how much UV is in them.
Ed Scott UV Photography article.
Fluorescent document A rather long description of UV.
Ultraviolet Photography in Color Using a UV Pass filter, (some camera's can't do this well), you can see the invisible world of color in flowers. This is what the bee uses to see the center, or how a butterfly knows the difference between a boy or a girl.
Ultraviolet Photography More flowers shot with UV, they can look interesting.
Spectral Selectivity Much information about film, exposure, filters, etc.

Photographing Animals
Shooting Fish Funny title. I never really thought about how they do it. I never  imagined they used a fish tank that skinny. Who knew?
Wildlife Photography - Fill Flash Sometimes the critters in the bright light need that extra light from your camera to look it's best.
Hummingbird Photography All kinds of information to use on how to get great hummingbird photographs. Use this info, because these things are so small in person, I've often though they were a huge insect.
Hummingbirds of the world While they don't offer advice on how to shoot them, they can identify your bird.
Top ten Hummingbird plants If you want to photograph them you need to know how to attract them. Give them food, here's a list.
Digiscoping and Digital Birding Briefly explains how to use a telescope for birdwatching.
Birds as art He takes some great pictures and he shares this knowledge with us.
Wildlife Basics Techniques, methods, ideas, seasons, and so forth.

Max Lynos Image Gallery How to make huge panoramas, with plenty of samples.
Panoguide Everything you need to know all in one place.

Outdoor Photography
Photographing in the Rain What gear you need, how to keep the camera dry, and what other things you might need to shoot in the rain.
Winter Backcountry Photography Exercising caution when doing this type of photography.
Wild Things Photo The articles are kind of old, but they have info anyway.
Photography Tips talk A long article about how to take weather related images - Tornadoes, Lightning, and the like.
Outdoor Photography Instruction - Macro Work Fancy equipment used to create stunning images of odd creepy things.
Timothy Edberg How to use your equipment to get close ups of things.
Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Resource Lot's of useful advice.
Night Photography Resources on how best to shoot at night.
How to Photograph Mountains Understanding light, time of day, location, etc
Nature Photography Pet Peeves Common annoyances a photographer can experience if you look like you know what your doing. By Darwin Wiggett.
On the road again A guide for the traveling nature photographer.
Take a hike What to bring with you when taking pictures.

Photographing Fireworks
Shooting Fireworks: Capture the Spectacle What settings you need to capture these things.

Lightning Photography
How to take lightning photos They use film on this page, but they have quite a bit of information regarding the subject.
Lightning Photography Interesting thoughts about the topic.
Lightning Strikes Not really a guide, more like a collection.
Lightning Round A large collection of articles and discussions about lightning.

Macro Photography
Fine Art Photography by M. Plonsky Amazing macros with a basic Canon G2 camera. It's an old site though.
Insect and Macro Close-ups More of a gallery, but he uses different lenses as comparison.
Macro Photography Shows us different lighting rigs and examples.
Focusing 1:1 Macro Shots A pretty old article, they talk about how to get real close.
Macro Photography (Stamps) Using a stamp as an example shows the difference between couplers and rings.
Macro Catchy name right? A basic guide for what you need to do your own macros.
Macro Setup Quickie He photographs a watch using common desk lamps and a few boxes.
Macro Technique Just more info.
Snow Crystals A guide on how to photograph single snow flakes.
The Snowflake man A guy from 1925 that photographed snow flakes.
How to Photograph Beads A guide using their equipment on how to shoot your glass beads.

Butterfly Photography & How to attract them
Florida Gardener How to make your own butterfly garden and the plants they like to nibble on. While there is nothing about photography here, it's worth creating your own garden.
All about the butterfly bush These things really do work well, easy to grow and smell great.
Gardening for Flying Flowers I know what your thinking, what the hell is a flying flower? It's apparently a butterfly.
Milkweed Farm Milkweed attracts the Monarch butterfly.
Forage Information All sorts of terms you'll probably come across when making your own garden.
Butterfly Website All sorts of info about the butterfly.
Capturing Butterflies Describes how to photograph them.

Flower Photography
Flower Photography guide for Beginners v1.1 A general guide on how to shoot flowers.
The Orchid Photo page They have a guide to identify the orchid you just shot.

Astro-Photography, Telescopes & Microscopes
A peep into Eyepieces Microscope - A look at the many eye pieces you can get for a microscope.
Astronomy Boy Telescope - How to make your own eye pieces.
Choosing the right Telescope What the difference is between the different kinds of scopes. Reflecting, refracting, spotting, catadioptric, etc.
Telescope Faq A bunch of common questions.
Scope Reviews Reviews on telescopes and binoculars. It looks a bit old, but then again due to the price you would probably get them on Ebay anyway.
The Planets Using a cheap spotting scope, and a real old Nikon 990, he shoes what he was able to capture with it.
Camera Adapters What camera adapters you'll need to attach your camera to a telescope.
CKC Power A company that specializes in making camera adapters for telescopes and other things.
Parks Telescopes A seller of telescope equipment and camera adapters.
ScopeTronix More adapters sold.
Cleaning Front Surface mirror Sometimes called Aluminized Mirror. The mirror in the scope reflects and magnifies the image, but if it's dirty then the image will be unclean and maybe blurry looking. This article describes different methods to clean it safely.
Science master Meteor Photography, explains the setup and equipment used to catch these illusive beasts.
Spacewatch Friday Different techniques to get nice looking night skies.
Star Astronomy Amateur Telescope Making - make your own.

Street Photography
Documentary and Street Photography The basics of what to look for when getting a good photograph on the street.

Lighting Tips
Lighting Magic To be honest, I have no idea what this site is, but they have tips on everything listed, so it's worth a look.
Canon EOS Beginners FAQ A little on the old side, but it might help you to decide what you need to buy.
Electronic Flash Information Questions and Answers about the Flash.
Flash Photography an Explosion of Light I found it boring myself, but you might want to know lots about the subject.
Light An article that helps you to learn about how to use light.
Crime Scene photography An article where he explains how to Paint with Light to light up a long stretch of road when he didn't have anything else but a tripod and a flash gun.
Macro lighting technique Using a combination of a flash, tripod and bounce reflector he creates stunning examples.
Strobist Discussion A lengthy discussion of what people use as their lighting setup.
Electronic Guidebook for High Speed Flash Photography A detailed guide
Camera Dojo Using a photography umbrella.
Using Cross Polarization for Macro's Using a polarizer on the lens, and one on the flash, you can effectively brighten the image but not have the reflection. And it works too, though my setup looks a bit weird.

Homemade Camera Equipment
Fiber-optic flash ring This is pretty cool, small fiber optics and runs them in front of his camera lens to move the light there.
How to make your own Muslin Backdrop These things are expensive in the store. This page explains how to make your own for a few bucks.
Free Lens Hood! This funny page gives you PDF's of popular lenses, you can make your own lens hood by printing and cutting out the pattern, fold, glue, and insert on.
Homemade Studio I havn't honestly read any of this, but I would imagine that they would discuss what the topic is about.
Cheap Tricks As you probably know, camera gear is very expensive. This page tells you how to cheap out and save lots of money by making your own gear. Sure it will look silly, but most good, cheap things are.
DIY Photography links A list of do it your self camera related items.
Homemade Bounce Flash Toys Stuff other people called trash, becomes great photo flash diffusers.
Homemade Shooting Table When your kitchen table isn't fancy enough for you.
Homemade Slide Copier I think it looks like a pain to use, but a simple to build rig to shoot slides with.
Make your own lens adapter I personally don't find adapters that expensive, but maybe you have a weird size or something. It might be good for a reverse mount or something.
A quick fix for a dented filter ring A dent in a fitler makes it useless to attach. Basically you tap it out with a wooden block. Or use a fancy ring un-denter (lens vise).
Cheap reflector flash Shows how to use some paper and a rubber band to make a reflector for your flash.
Material for a homemade diffusion/reflector panels A discussion from the year 2000 talking about the materials they like using for said equipment.
Making a homemade Macro Lens For the real cheapskates who like to make everything themselves, here you can make your own macro lens using tubes and a magnifying glass.
Making your own white balance filter The expo disc is an expensive device used to correct the white balance. However you can easily make your own and save all that money.
DIY Photography All sorts of things you can make.
Build a flash rig for underwater photography A translated page that explains how to make your own flexible, underwater flash holder.
DigiSniper Make your own shutter release and some other things.

Home Studio
The Digital Studio A pretty good article of how to set up your own photographic home studio.

General Education - Taking better pictures
Luminous-Landscapes He has all sorts of articles and photographs.
Blue & Green Screen How to use a blue or green screen for photographic use. How to use the proper lighting and where to buy your stuff.
Camera Hobby A good page for beginners.
300d Photos While the camera is out dated, he has a pretty good page discussing the basics of what his lenses do.
Gamma and CYMK All kinds of information on that very topic.
Camera Works A lot of articles about photography, it's a few years old, but should still prove useful.
Hot Pixels Why they exist, how they happen, where they come from, and how to test for them.
Short Courses All kinds of short courses.
How to prolong the life of a lithium based battery If your interested take a look.
Mirror Lock up A rather old article about the subject.
15 tips and tricks Things you should know and equipment you should own.
How to take photographs Camera's, Film, Lenses - Kind of old school, but you can get some info on this.
Photography Tips A forum and site dedicated with tons of info and tips. Plus the squirrel is adorable.
Honest Answers A forum that doesn't seem to be all that popular, ask a question there, and maybe some day you'll get a response.
Learn Composition Learning the basics of composition.
A whole bunch of fun tips Dynamic Range, reflections, wide angle, black and white, framing, and more.
Perspective While not based for photography, an interesting read none the less.
How to take photos From beginner to advanced many things to read.
Photo tips by Timothy Edberg There sure seems to be a lot of these places.
Theory of light and optical principle An overload of information.
Meehahor Tips on filling the frame
Travel Equipment What to bring with you on vacation to take great photos. I'll give you a preview - bring a camera.
Views of Film using a microscope They use a microscope to closely look at film, comparing Kodachrome and Velvia.
Canon DSLR Error 99 Fix If you get this error, maybe something here will help you.

Camera Functions: Metering, DOF, etc
Spot Metering It's amazing that people have the time to create such extensive information on the least used function of the camera.
Depth of Field (DoF) Everything you wanted to know about bokeh, depth of field, focus, f-stops, hyper focal distance and so much more.
DEP Depth of Field Exposure Mode and interesting article on what to do with it.
To blur or not to Talks about why you would want a blurry background and how to get one.
Sim-Cam This one is cool. It simulates what different shutter speeds do, whether the image would be blurry, or too dark. Try different settings and play with it.
White Balance Tools The importance of white balance, how to achieve it, and examples of what looks good and what doesn't.
Jeffery's Autofocus test chart A bit old, but if you need to focus your lens, use this.

Cleaning the Sensor (CMOS)
CCD - CMOS Cleaning A complete sensor cleaning tutorial, fully illustrated.
Cleaning the sensor on a D60 The camera type really doesn't matter, this article shoes you how to clean the CMOS.
Cleaning the CMOS on Canon Cameras A huge discussion on how to clean this delicate thing.
Time to clean the sensor More discussions.

Filter Tips
Filter options for digital cameras So much information about the humble filter. A great site for the beginner.
UV or not UV Lot's of info about whether or not you should have a UV filter on the camera. Personally I use it to protect the lens,  I did scratch a good one, a grain of sand in the wind out of no where.
Filters for Outdoor Photography The use of polarizers, split ND, and so forth to make your pictures look their best.
IR Filters He has a lot more info than just IR.
Notes on filters More deciding factors whether you should get them or not.
The Infrared-X-ray guide Not really a camera guide, but if you want to see through clothes, use this guide.
Filter Types colors Contrast filters and how to use them. Along with many other guides.
Who's who in optical filters What filters, what shapes, etc.

Price Guides & How to sell your photos
Stock Photo Price Calculator Another price guide
How to sell your photos There are many ways to sell your photos, and this page talks about some of them.

Scientist - Chemist - Bottles - print - Mike Savad Chemist - Chemistry 101 - Print - Mike Savad Mjusic - Where the record player was born - print - Mike Savad Sewing Machine - The sewing room - print - Mike Savad Sewing Machine - Singer - print - Mike Savad Weaver - The weavers room - print - Mike Savad

Digital Camera Companies
Canon Nikon Panasonic
Ricoh Samsung Kodak
Fuji-Film Casio Sony
Sigma Olympus Sanyo
Leica Pentax

Camera Lenses
Canon They make L-Glass, a fine optic with internal workings, moisture proof.
Leica A basic but well built lens system.
Nikon They as many lenses as Canon, but it's only for the Nikon.
Tamron I use the 28-300vc lens - awesome lens. I also use their 28-75 f2.8 - also a great lens. If you don't need L glass, like those gaskets that come with it. These lenses will do fine.
Sigma I have a macro lens from them, well built a bit heavy, the barrel is a bit rough, but overall a nice lens.
Inside of a camera lens Looking at a guided tour of a the EF-28-105 USM. I wonder if it was his lens he took apart, or borrowed.

Camera Filters - Companies
Tiffen They have a range of products, but they also make fairly cheap filters as well.
B + W (Schneider Optics) A very well made, filter. Made from thick glass, and a brass ring, well built, a bit heavy, and expensive. They make the best coating, easy to clean.
Hoya Filters Pretty well made, the coatings are hard to clean, but a good value for the money.
Cokin They make Graduated Neutral density filters and many others. They use a rectangular format, and they scratch really easily.
Expo-Disc Some people swear buy these. Take a picture with this device pointed at the light source. Use that picture to balance the white in your camera. Coffee filters and Pringles lids work too. But these do look nice.
Lens Baby This is a filter that moves the center of focus while blurring out some other area. Personally I hate the look, it turns your expensive camera into a piece of crap.
Bug Eye Digital They have what looks like extension filters of some kind to create macro/telephoto lens. They also have a 360 degree panorama lens, The ZigView - have the ability to see out of a view finder, and a few other things.
Rosco Gels They make colored gels that you place over a light. And while I don't know if they still have them, I was able to once get samples - which happen to fix right over your flash.
Singh-Ray They make a number of filters including the gold and blue polarizer. Along with other transitioning polarizers.
Kenko Extension tubes for macro photography. I use these, the two smaller sizes anyway for that quick macro. It still allows me to shoot about 6ft away and macro at the same time. Using it like this lets me have a nice bokeh as well.

Camera Flashes, Strobes, Lighting Equipment
Strobe Trigger Voltages A rather complete page of the different voltages used in flashes
Photoflex They make well built soft boxes, reflectors and such. I have a few reflectors from them, very nice.
Ez-Cube They make a white box that you can use to light small objects. Best if your going to sell something to use one of these. They have many kits available, I chose the one for glass that has a light table. Works great, while a sheet works too, this looks more professional.
Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe Lots of info on this type of flash
Sto-fen Products Makers of the Ombi-Bounce, a plastic thingy that attaches to your flash to create a better light pattern. they also have something for your pop up flash, but it looks really stupid.
Lumiquest They make a bounce flash card that is a bit bulky to carry, but have excellent results.
Wein Products While they make quite a few things, people know them to make the Wein Peanut, a device that triggers your slaves.
Westcott A huge range of reflectors, soft boxes, umbrellas, etc.

Camera Bags & Cases
Domke They make a series of bags that are pretty nice, a bit pricey though. There is a line for photo and video cameras.
Tenba A large range of bags from really small to back packs.
Kata Bags They make equipment for the Israel Army, with that in mind they create some very strong bags and back packs. While pricey, you get what you pay for, I have 3 of their bags.
Lowe Pro Makers of many types of bags, from big to small.
Tamrac Bags meant for photographers, The lid flips out so it's easier to access, and pockets are there that can actually hold your stuff.
Pelican These guys make some very strong boxes, each are bright in color and water proof.
Vested Interest They make custom built vests. I have one, it took maybe 6 weeks to make, pretty expensive too. But they made it exactly the way I wanted it, down to leather edging and shoulder pads, an option that isn't there. But I don't wear it now, because it makes you very front heavy.
Crumpler Australian based company that makes a variety of bags that are in my opinion, useless. While they hold a lot of stuff, they aren't practical in the filed. No place to store water, pamphlets, etc. Mine sits in the closet.
Optech USA They make a range of photo gear, from bags to straps. I use their straps mostly.
Mountainsmith They make big backpacks.

Tripods, Monopods, Heads
Velbon They make light weight, sturdy tripods, good for vacations, but not for heavy cameras.
Slik Makers have simple tripods that are usually fairly cheap.
Gitzo They make sturdy high end gear
Manfrotto They also make high end gear
Clamper Pod They have a C-Clamp device that allows one to attach a camera to the edge of a chair or pole.
Joby Makers of the Gorilla Pod, a flexible device that allows you to attach a camera to odd shaped things.
PhotoJoJo This strange looking thing is a cross between silly putty and a tripod. It allows you to attach a small camera or device to it, and just stick it to any surface. A neat toy to have, though I would probably avoid bringing on a plane.
Giottos They make high end gear and tripod heads.
Ries Tripods, Since 1936 Makers of wooden tripods, for when you get bored of the carbon fiber or metal ones. It looks cool anyway, watch out for termites.
Wimberly Makers of birding tripod heads, the Plamp, and flash brackets.
Monostat A rather unfortunate named being the name of a feminine hygiene product and all. But this is a monopod, it has a flexible foot at the bottom that will allow itself to level on any ground. Neat idea, a bit expensive though.
Pedco Pods They make the Ultra pod, a plastic pocket sized pod that has a strap on it to allow you to fasten it to a fence post, pole or tree. I found it cumbersome to use. But they have a plastic head you can buy,  which I do recommend, A lightweight ball head.
Uni-Loc They have a very sturdy tripod, inverted legs, easy to access knobs. Compared to Benbo, only better - but with a price tag to match.
Really Right Stuff They have tripods, and interesting looking, well build tripod heads.

Photoshop Tutorials & Tools
Color Management Explains what the ICC file is all about.
Full Year Template Calendars This is pretty Sweet - this site provides us with a free current calendar template.
Design Bliss - Calendars More Calendar templates.
Recover Corrupted PSD Files Have a bad file you need back? This software is supposed to fix that.

Monitor Calibration
Eric's Monitor Calibration Has a simple gray scale to tell if your monitor is showing it's gamma correctly.
Lunn Fabrics Monitor Calibration This page has color hues and saturation.
Gandy Gallery Provides a color, gray and photo reference.

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