Suburban Scenes by Mike Savad

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Suburban Scenes

These prints look Fantastic on canvas, they already look like a painting, you would fool many if they saw it on your wall. Adding a frame will create a gallery piece for your home or business. Remember, you can customize almost every item in my store I have more than just Prints. There is a large range of Cards, Mouse pads, Key chains, Stickers, Hats, Shirts, to name a few. The more you buy the more you save, as there are group discounts available.  

However if you don't want a print, and instead want a card, invitation, mouse pad, key chain, sticker, stamp, tie, shirt, button, and stuff like that. Suburban Scenes by Mike Savad or click on my banner at the top of this page.


Barber Gifts Doctor, Pharmacist & Medicine Gifts Dentist Gifts Fireman Gifts
Barber Doctor & Pharmacist Dentist Fire, Rescue Police
Do you need a gift for a Barber or Hair Dresser? Many choices to look at, great for Christmas, Birthday's, or just to decorate with. Gifts for a doctor can be hard to find. Even harder is a gift for a Pharmacist. I have many apothecary themed images to choose from. Gifts for a dentist, lab technician, or any trade like that. Charming shots, and a few kind of scary, from a mouth point of view. Hard to find gifts for a firefighter. There are also presents for those who rescue people.
Building Trades Gifts Mailman Gifts Writer Gifts Gifts for a Chef
Building Trades Mailman Writer, Author, Poet Chef
Gifts for Carpenters, Blacksmith's, Machinists, the handyman, and many more trades. Scenes from yesteryear for your local postman, mail man, postal worker. Presents for your dear writer friend, good for authors, book writers, poets, etc. Gifts for a Chef, Baker or Cook. Images of kitchens, from modern to country style, all very charming and would look great in your kitchen.
Gifts for a Teacher, and other Trades Science, Scientist, Professor, Chemist Lawyer Gifts, Gift for a lawyer
All other jobs Science Lawyer
Hard to find gifts for other jobs such as the Teacher, Clock maker, Architect, Graphic Artist, Draftsman, Store Owner to name a few. It's actually harder then it looks finding a gift for the scientist in your family. Science based gifts, like Chemistry. Don't forget about the lawyer, they have feelings too. 

Sewing - Prints, Posters Other Hobbies - Prints, Posters
Sewing Hobbies
Go back in time with these  nostalgic scenes looking at the sewing trade. Sewing Machines, Taylor, Weaver, and anything to do with this fine craft. Sometimes finding a gift for someone that plays a hobby can be difficult. You will find many hobbies including: Chess, Checkers, Stamp Collector, Nudist, Sports, the Bar, Musician, Photographer, etc

Victorian Houses Farms, Barns & Country - Prints, Posters

Victorian Houses Farms & Country

Victorian Houses, mostly Queen Anne Lace. Found in my travels, many in New Jersey. All elegant to look at, perfect for Realtors. Country related gifts, Barns, Tractors, Animals, and so forth. It will look great in anybodies country house or cottage.
City Life - Prints, Posters Store Fronts - Prints, Posters General Architecture - Prints, Posters Greenhouse - Prints, Posters
City Life Store Fronts Architecture Greenhouse
The city life explores life in the city, different places that are too big and busy to be the suburbs. New York, New Jersey, Vegas, and other places I've been too. Without store fronts you would have a flea market. Just big open rooms of stuff, the front holds the door in place. Store fronts are often quite interesting and show the locality of a place. Old mills, to Haunted houses, Bridge,  A medley of imagery from all around. If your into gardening. Or if you believe that you should be living in a glass house, and throw rocks, then you'll love these.
Castle - Prints, Posters The Orient - Prints, Posterstion Doors & Windows - Prints, Posters Bench - Prints, Posters
Castle The Orient Doors & Windows Benches
Are you a princess in training and require some castle like structures for you royal walls for inspiration? The orient has always attracted me. Chinese & Japanese architecture is always an inspiration. Pointy roofs, archways, and quiet bridges. Sometimes the best part of the house are the windows and doors. Care for a seat? Benches are great for tired legs but not good for a sore behind. Yet in the test of time people like looking at benches.


Grandma's House - Prints, Posters Children - Prints, Posters Fantasy - Prints, Posters Americana - Prints, Posters
Fine Antiques Children Magic & Fantasy Americana

A collection of nostalgic memories that would look great in a new home that needs some art on it's walls.

To be a child again, or to keep the simple memories of one. Images from your childhood, provided your like 100 years old.

Are you a Wicken? Do you study witchcraft? Are you a Mystic, Psychic, or some kind of Necromancer? This this may be the perfect spot find those hard to find gifts. Also great spot for anyone that fancies fantasy.

Oddly enough Americana is popular in other countries besides the United States. My Americana features scenes from the 1950's, all the back to the late 1800's. General Stores, Restaurants, The county fair, and more.

Autumn - Prints, Posters Winter - Prints, Posters Spring - Prints, Posters Summer - Prints, Posters
Autumn Winter Spring Summer
You can almost feel the coolness in the air, hear the rustling leaves, see all the bright colors, smell hickory smoke in the air, and taste the hot apple cider. Brrr... It's cold outside, and even though snow is dangerous to walk on, it's very pretty to look at. Find that perfect winter or Christmas scene. I can't wait for it to be Spring again. I personally hate the cold, I like warmer temperatures but not too warm. But I always liked spring, while they don't last long, the flowers sure are colorful. Summer is nice too, vacations happen in the summer, stormy days, hot afternoons, birds chirping, people planting their gardens.

Flower - Prints, Posters Butterflies & Insects - Prints, Posters Animal - Prints, Posters
Flowers & Plants Butterflies Animals
Flowers for Valentines maybe? A selection of flowers for your love, Roses, Passion Flower, Orchids, Irises and many more. Of all the insects in the world butterflies are my favorite. Bright, colorful, showy, chewy. A joy for sure, they make no noise, don't bite, and make very pleasant guests. For any animal lover. Critters that live in trees, Bovines that give you milk, Piggies that give you bacon, dogs and cats that bring you love

Train - Prints, Posters Car - Prints, Posters Bike - Prints, Posters Sea and Air
Trains & Locomotives Cars & Wagons Bikes Sea & Air
All Aboard!!! For anyone that is a train enthusiast, you'll love looking at these, especially on your wall in your shop. Locomotives, modern, steam, and electric trains. Are you a car junky? You probably know one that is. Stop on by to my garage and check out my wheels! If you don't like cars, I have antique gas pumps too! Maybe a two wheeled vehicle  is more up your valley. Motorcycles, Motorbikes, Scooters, and Bicycles. Boats and planes. Good for a captain of any kind. You can find other boats in the city section.

Other Stuff
Fun Stamps Ties, Neck Ties, Father's day gift

Fun Stamps Ties

Bored of the traditional stamp? Washington? Lincoln? How boring! You are a young spunky person. You want to show off what you love. Stuff like Donuts and the like. These stamps are real, and can be used in place of your old ones. So many ties, so many personalities. choose the one that best suits you. While every product I list does have a matching tie, These are special just to this section. Make yourself unique and stand out in your own unusual way!

Business Cards Shoes Calenders Bumper Stickers
Business Cards Shoes Calenders Bumper Stickers
 Need a business card that matches your business? More are added every day, you might find just the one your looking for. Yeah I sell shoes too! A few different patterns to make your feet look oh so pretty. A great gift for your girlfriend, and while a bit sexist, women love shoes! Need a calender? These calenders are customizable, place the month anywhere you want. So it's always fresh when you buy it. There are many topics too! Do you need a sticker to hold your bumper on? Need to cover up that nasty scratch? Does your car look empty in the back? Bumper Stickers!
Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Ornaments Binders Skate boards Invites, Invitations
Ornaments Binders Skateboards Invites
Need an unusual and totally unique ornament? You can use these to spice up your tree or your window. Get funny things like bacon and ham, maybe some sweet muffins - wouldn't that look cool in your store? All different kinds of binders. Great for school, Work, anywhere. Kewl skateboards for your kids or yourself. Don't break your arm though using it. They really are for your kids, put your logo on it, and they advertise for you! Need a pre-made invitation to your next BBQ, football game, party? Just put where when and who - and your done!
Recipe Cards Matching Stationary, Envelopes I love Shirts Special Cards, Recall Cards, etc
Recipe Cards Matching Stationary I love Shirts Special Cards
These recipe cards make a really nice gift. Put your favorite recipe in the item of your choice, then use it as a card on a gift basket with those ingredients.Get these for yourself to spruce up your kitchen. Envelope, Stationary, Letterhead, everything matches. You can choose from any design I have in my store. You will certainly lend yourself an impression with these! You must love something, Let these shirts express that very nature Christmas cards, Seasons Greeting, Recall Cards, Stuff like that
Gift tag stickers i phone, i pad cases
christmas ornaments
Gift Tag Stickers IPhone Cases
IPad Cases

Apply these little Stickers to your presents, so the kids know where it really came from.. Choose from either a I-Phone case, or an I-pad case. It keeps your toy looking fresh while at the same time it will be the envy of those around you.
These Christmas ornaments will look great on your tree, lamp, and what have you. Use them as a giveaway, a prize, or wear it as a medal.

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