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A little about me:

Age 36  
Socionics INTp
Favorite Colors Purple (violet siding on red), blue, UV, and any color that shifts
Favorite Food Ribs, chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie, and just meat in general.
Hobbies: Stained glass (for about 27 years or so), Photography, Photo-editing, Collecting and restoring tools, Fixing and diagnosing my computer, Building my computer when I need a new one (built the last 3). I also like going to garage sales, watching Anime, and occasionally TV; most programs today are quite stupid, leaving me with how to shows. I'm also very slowly learning Japanese.
Favorite American shows Hero's, Pawn Stars, Deadliest Catch, Ax men (better than it sounds, they curse), Chowder, Amazing tales of flap Jack, Myth busters
Favorite Japanese shows I used to watch tons of Anime, but don't have the time now. However the ones I do like currently: Naruto (all of them), One piece, Hajime no Ippo, Hellsing.
Favorite Movies Not Avatar (it was a dumb movie with good effects), Sweeny todd, Nightmare before Xmas, There are probably others, but not many stick in my mind that well.
Favorite Sports NONE - I hate all sports equally. All a waste of time to do, think about, play and watch.
Favorite Drink: Water. I don't drink alcohol, I stopped taking soda as well, I dropped Aspartame and related items as it was actually poisoning me. I know so, because my reflexes are faster, my eyes focus sharper, and I don't get breathing attacks as I did before when I did have aspartame products.


Vo-Tech of Scotch plains (before it became a magnet school Maintenance Mechanics
Auto Body
(Night Course) Home Maintenance
(Night Course) Armstrong Flooring 
(Night Course) Locksmithing

Chef Gift - Kitchen - Cherished Memories - Print - Mike Savad Chef Gift - Kitchen - For the master chef - Print - Mike Savad Chef Gift - Home country kitchen - Print - Mike Savad Chef Gift - Stove - An old farm kitchen - Print - Mike Savad Chef Gift - Old country kitchen - Preserves - Print - Mike Savad Chef Gift - Chair - Citchen Preperations - Print - Mike Savad

Chef - Granny's Kitchen - Gift - Mike Savad
Granny's Kitchen

Kitchen - Baker - Granny's Stove - Mike Savad Chair - Chef - Kitchen - In the corner of Grandma's Kitchen - Mike Savad Kitchen - Cook - Jars - Ingredients II - Mike Savad Food - Country Preserves - Mike Savad Kitchen - Chef - A 1960's Kitchen - Mike Savad Chef - Kitchen - Gift - Kitchen Necessities - Mike Savad

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