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Suburban Scenes by Mike Savad

My name is Mike Savad, I've been shooting photos for many years. I started making HDR images about 4 years ago. My style varies from the look of an Oil painting, to an illustration, it really depends on the subject matter. HDR photography has been slowly taking over as the newest photographic art form. I suppose it's because the way each person makes it, is totally different than how other people make it.

HDR done properly starts with many images and stacking them in a program that specializes in HDR and tone-mapping. Typically each image is taken using a tripod at a non moving subject.

However, I make mine differently, by breaking some of the rules, and bending others, I can create a unique photographic experience. I shoot by hand without a tripod; this allows me for a greater creative freedom. With an ability to shoot around corners, and over people's heads. I'll use software to align the images, and shade everything by hand. This creates the painting effect. I have an advantage creating it this way, it allows me to control the noise, and have maximum control over the detail. By editing by hand, you avoid things like noisy shadows, dark highlights, and other such anomalies.  If your interested in how I create my images please visit the tutorial:

Help me out in this contest I need all the votes I can get to win this contest. A while ago I had a paypal donate button, but due to problems with them, I no longer have them. So instead I'd like it if you could to place one vote one on each image, it's free and won't hurt you in any way, and it will help me out a bunch, thanks so much, the deadline is till the end of this month May 31 - 2012

The Traveling Carnival
Porch - Americana
Air - Pilot - You got props

Thanks so Much!

HDR Tutorials
Painterly Method

Learn how I create my HDR Paintings.

If you would like to purchase my art, Visit my stores below. You can use them as a gallery. There are always new things to see there. It's a great place to go if you need that hard to find gift.

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Suburban Scenes
You can buy prints (Canvas, framed, many options and sizes), key chains, stickers, stamps, mouse pads, shirts, invitations, and so forth. You can customize your purchase, buy Recall cards, or cards for other holidays, and buy everything in bulk for great discounts.

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Suburban Scenes
Prints of different kinds are available  here. I believe you can get a laminated print, zazzle doesn't have that one. 

The Water Pitcher - by Mike Savad
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